About Us

HAMEL design office provides a variety of services in designing the technical infrastructure of buildings. We specialize in comprehensive design services during the investment – from conception through the designs of electrical installations, telecommunication installations, automation up to the supervision on the site during construction.

Stanisław Hamerski, the owner of the company, holds the unlimited construction license to design and supervise construction works in the field of electrical installations. He first gained his experience working as a designer and then as a director of electrical department in
a leading design office in Cracow.

We offer consultation and technical advice on the modernization of already existing facilities. We help improve the comfort and efficiency of buildings by reducing the consumption of media or customizing other functions and utilities.


Our realizations consist of:

  • Trade and service facilities
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Museums
  • Data centers, server rooms


  • Electrical installations
  • Low-current installations
  • Automation and BMS systems
  • Project architect's supervisions
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